all preview pane columns blank



This can't be a common problem, otherwise someone else would have posted it?... or maybe the solution is in German?

When I upgraded from v2.20 to v2.25, I found I can't view all the summary info in the (default) right pane - i.e. all the columns are blank. I've tried v2.27 & v2.27b and the problem persists, but is fine when I revert back to v2.20. Can't download anything in between v2.20 & v2.25 - so can't pinpoint at which exact version the symptoms start. The program seems to be reading the tags when I open a directory, as each file take a little while to load, it's just that I can't see them all at once. Clicking on an individual file displays the tag details in the Tag input mask pane. I can send screen shots if you want. I'm using an XP workstation...

Any more details I need to provide?



The Column View has become customizable...
You need to go to "View-Customize Columns" and add the column fields you want. Search in the help file for more information.


Ah - thank you very much. Sorry I didn't figure it out before. Hope it helps someone else.