All tags gone after playing with WMP - what happened?

Hi all,
it's happened several times now that I played a song directly from within MP3Tag (with Windows Media Player) and afterwards the file I played had a new changed date and ALL the tags of the file were gone. :frowning: I am not even sure if that had anything to do with playing the file, but as far as I can see that's the only thing all the files with erased tags had in common. How could that be? Is there a setting anywhere (in MP3Tag or maybe in Windows Media Player) that resets all the information? But why should the file get a new changed date only when it has been played and nothing else? Afterwards I had to enter the tags all over again. What can I do to prevent this from happening in the future? (Except, of course, by no longer playing the files directly from within MP3Tag, but sometimes I need to do that to check the length of a certain file). Any help welcome.
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Read this post and the answers of course :wink:
"Deleted" info keeps coming back

Okay, did just that and updated the watched folders in WMP. Let's see if that keeps tags from disappearing in the future. Thanks, Mike_nl