Allow editing of starting posts

I cannot edit my own beatport script starting post.

This is crucial to have this ability. Esp, with the WSS section.

Am I missing something simple?

It turns out that this is not that easy. I have two options,

  1. Disable post edit time limit, which is currently set to 60 days.
  2. Change individual posts to Wiki posts

The first option has the potential drawback, that posts might get vandalized in case a community member looses their mind for a minute. We had occurrences of that in the old forums and it's quite ugly and is time consuming to clean up.

The second option has the potential drawback, that anyone starting from trust level 1 (Basic) can edit the post. However, you'd be notified by the system if someone would do this and the edit history always shows what has changed. If something unintended has been changed, you could always flag and notify staff.

I prefer the second option right now. What do you think?

Mmh, I dunno. So certain users such as the badge for 'Web Sources Author' you allocated me cannot edit the starting post. This is going to be problematic when people are looking in a thread with over 450 replies to find the latest version.

I haven't updated it in a while, but plan to.

Perhaps this is something that can be done with support for this forum your end?

Failing that, the 2nd opt would be best. As long as the history is sort of hidden slightly. It'll look good.

There is no option to overwrite the post edit time limit for certain badges or user groups.

I've just changed your two posts to Wiki and you should already be able to see the edit in the upper right corner of the posts.

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Great, thanks. Hopefully this doesn't add too much manual admin stuff for you.

I will get at that TRAXSOURCE script sometime, I promise.

Thanks. Starting to dig this new home.

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