Allow repeated tracks please

It would be really great if Mp3tag didn't drop repeated tracks in the file list.

Currently when I load a playlist that references the same track more than once, only the first reference appears.

If this were remedied, Mp3tag would very useful for me for processing playlists.

For whatever reason you have a m3u file with multiple entries of the same file name respectively the same filepathname?
What has been going wrong when the m3u file has been created?
How can you detect that 'only the first reference appears' in Mp3tag - but not the last?

There is no problem for Mp3tag to load files with the same name when the files reside in different folderpathes, and the m3u knows the (relative) folderpath to each file.

Please elaborate.
Hmm, Mp3tag is a tagger application for media files, but not a 'playlist processor', and should it not be.
If you want to generate a m3u playlist e. g. with multiple calls to the same media file in different order among other media files, then use a simple text editor and do 'copy & paste' within this m3u playlist text file.



Nothing. I don't know what makes you think something has gone wrong with the m3u creation. The m3u is fine. The only thing that goes wrong here is the load into Mp3tag.

The position e.g.

I think you are mistaken, Detlev. Mp3tag has many functions specific to playlists. E.g. load playlist, Save playlist (all / selected tracks), shoft tracks up/down / to start/end.

Thanks, but I don't want to 'generate a m3u playlist e. g. with multiple calls to the same media file' in Mp3tag. I simply want to do regular Mp3tag operations like Export without my repeated tracks getting lost.

Mp3tag is a tagger application, but not a player application.
Mp3tag can only work step by step on one dedicated physical file.
Even if you give Mp3tag two or more links to the same file, Mp3tag can load only the one referenced physical file.
Mp3tag cannot load three times the same physical file. Why should it be any good?
The one and only media file is the smallest unique item of the file system (carrying other physical or logical related attributes).
Even if you have Link-Files, they all point to a unique physical file.

It looks like you need an application, which offers a list of physical media files, and which can create one or more 'virtual' copies of one physical filepath entry, for the only purpose to arrange entries in an output text file.

I think "shift tracks up/down / to start/end" has not been implemented as a feature for supporting the creation of a playlist, it is a general grouping and sorting feature for the physical media file's tag, for the track numbers and other tag-fields.

Hmm, but at first you said, that you need this special feature.

While you speak about 'repeated tracks', you know that you speak of 'repeated links' within a playlist file, but not of 'unique files'.
Hmm, you need a special application to do that, at least to the point in time, when Mp3tag will support 'virtual tracks' or 'ghost tracks' (which must be non-editable, just for displaying in the Mp3tag list view.

I see that you have a playlist in use, which has repeated entries to call the identical same media file from the same folderpath.
Did you create this playlist using Mp3tag?
It should be possible, by appending one playlist to an existing playlist file.


"It can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words in tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists and more."

This problem has nothing to do with playing.

Yup. This is the problem I am asking to be remedied.

See the example I gave.

No. I just need an application like Mp3tag, but that doesn't lose entries from the input M3U file.

This problem has nothing to to with creating a playlist.

I think not. I simply need Mp3tag to be fixed.

Obviously not. Mp3tag cannot handle repeated tracks. If it could, I would not be requesting that it did.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it is not.

See Mp3tag options for Export, there is an option for appending data.
Let us stop the discussion here, I think we have said all arguments, why Mp3tag should do something wanted, but cannot do.


Sorry, I misread. Yes, that is possible. But no, I did not create this M3U that way.

Thanks for the discussion. It might help Florian decide.

I read all discussion.
Both parts are right in some aspect. You load the files based on the playlist and yes, only the first file appears. I agree with you. You'd like to see multiple times the same file.
Detlev is also right, on the sense that mp3tag works as designed.
There are so many features requested by us (including me) that cannot include all of them to mp3tag.
The only way to "convince" development team is if they are "worth for", i.e. what is the target of the "audience" requesting the feature? E.g. I would like mp3tag to detect FLAC containing dts-wav files but how many like me would like such a feature? Maybe a few. So it is not "fair" my request is put in the to-do-list.
I would suggest to look first for workaround (if any) and maybe try to combine mp3tag with another tool.
Good luck to your quest.