Allowed characters in filter searches? How quoting within expressions work?

What characters are allowed within the quotes. For example, I've tried filtering for this tag:

  • genre HAS "Kick+Clap/Snare" & `genre HAS "Kick+Clap/Snare + ?"
    And I was getting results for the latter genre in the first.

It clearly didn't work so then tried Kick-Clap_Snare & Kick-Clap_Snare+? to no avail.

This also occurs with searches like: genre HAS "bounce" yet showing results with "Melbourne Bounce"

Am I misunderstanding how mp3tag filters?

I think that this is no valid filter syntax.

I would say that the string "Melbourne Bounce" contains (has) the string "bounce" - so everything is fine.
The shorter the string and the further it is from being unique, the more matches you get.

This is a substring filter, showing every file that has Kick+Clap/Snare in one of the genre fields. This means that it can also contain more text around the search string, e.g., Kick+Clap/Snare + ? which has an extra + ?

If you want an exact match, use genre IS "Kick+Clap/Snare"

Of if only that complete string is to be matched and not

then append the filter expression to
genre HAS "Kick+Clap/Snare" AND NOT genre HAS "+?"

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But that means it will only match if genre tag only has that string?

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Thank you, this is an ingenious trick!