Alphabetical order in fields with more values


Let's say I've this song, "Y feat X - Something".
Clearly, "Something" is the title, while "Y feat X" is the string I place in the artist field. Additionally, I add also the values "Y" and "X", so that in the tag panel I see:

Y feat X\\Y\\X
[this is my rule when there're multiple artists: first an all-comprehensive value showing all the artists, and then a value for each artist]

Now let's imagine that, after having saved this, I decide to write the album tag.
After having hit "Save", the values in the artist field have changed their order to "X\\Y\\Y feat X".

In short words mp3tag always sorts alphabetically the values in a field.

QUESTION: Is there a way to disable this?


PS: Sorry for the long post, I wanted to be clear the most.


Unfortunately, this is not possible.

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