Alphabetize Action Group listings

I have a number of Action Groups some with numerous sub in the Dropdown menu for actions they are all nice and neat...but if I have to go and edit any of them, they are all over the place having been created at different times for different there a way to reorganize the ALT+6 pop up window into alphabetical order? If not, could this perhaps be an added option down the line....? The whole idea behind this is if you need to adjust any of them or perhaps duplicate any of the it would be easier to locate this way than scrolling up and down whilst scanning for that one elusive hard to find action...

If you are in the Action-Group-Menue you can organize the order of the actions with the Up/Down arrowa at the right site.

Thank you for that information, will do that manually, but was hoping for a more automated way. I suppose that with the ability to automate (create actions to do things within the program) I was expecting an easier way...just sheer laziness on my part to not simply move them myself.

As you can combine the various action groups to one big batch job and the action groups are then executed in the order as they appear in the list, their position could be crucial for a successful execution.
So Mp3tag leaving the groups as they are, is intentional.

Now, if you want to arrange them in a more automated way, proceed as follows:
Close MP3tag
Navigate to the actions folder
Move all mta files to a temporary folder outside MP3tags access.
Open Mp3tag.
Check the Actions menu to see that there are no more actions.
Close MP3tag.
Move the action files back from their temporary folder into the MP3tag actions folder.
Open Mp3tag
Check the actions menu to see that all the actions are back again. They should now be sorted (alphabetically) by name.

I have always been curious about this as well - thank you for the tip!

Also regarding changing the order of items in the Action Group list, there is another aspect that I've always found a bit confusing and maybe you can help sort it out.

In order to bring up the list to begin with, you have a to have a file selected.
After making any changes, in order to save those changes, you have to actually choose an action or actions and hit OK, thus applying that action to the selected files. Just hitting close does not save any changes made to the list.

So, is there any other way to edit this list without having to apply an action to a file (possibly outside of Mp3tag)?

The official way is to save the configuration - but you still have to select an action for that.

And that is why (like DetlevD suggested) I created an empty action group that is always selected. Not elegant but effective.

Great idea! Thanks for passing that along.