Altering Whole Columns

I have tried searching for this but with no luck so apologies if it has been covered.

I listen to audio books and need to alter the contents in the Artist or Album columns. Sometimes these columns can number over 250 tracks and Auto numbering is easy. How can I alter a total column's contents? At the moment I alter the first track, copy, paste and then hit Return for the next track. Easy to do but time consuming.

Many thanks in advance.

You can add additional fields to the tag panel on the left and then simply select all files you want to change, make the changes in the tag panel and save. Another method would be using actions.

Thanks for this but is it possible to give me precise, step by step, instructions. I am of advanced years but still need spoon fed. :rolleyes:


Sorry, you don't even need to add additional fields since you want to change the artist / album information for which a field already exists in the tag panel on the left.
Simply select all files you want to edit and then type in the new value. If the selected files have all the same information for a column, the column value will be displayed. If the selected files have different information, the field will read "< keep >". Just erase that, write whatever you want and then click on Save.

Many many thanks.