Amazon/ASIN code tags

Has there been any development on Amazon/ASIN code tags?

Many recent albums one finds on streaming services like Spotify or Music.YouTube are 'rips' of Amazon or Apple albums, which are mp3 only. As such, they are not listed on Discogs.

Thanks in advance,
Jason D.

I wouldn't expect a rip of a streamed track to be legitimate and therefore won't be on Discogs. They document authentic releases on various formats only.

An Amazon ASIN tag will only be present in mp3 files that are properly downloaded from Amazon. Those taken by streaming wouldn't have any tags unless someone adds them after they're captured. I just recently retagged one file that did come directly from Amazon, and the ASIN was in it.

As was said earlier, Discogs only includes legit items, nothing that isn't an official release.