(Japan) for Cover Art source?

Hey all,
First, kudos for this wonderful software! :smiley:
I have a little request : the ability to grab cover arts from
The reason is that most my cds are japanese and I can't find the covers on or (mp3tag's current choices).
As they are definitely available on, being able to grab them from within mp3tag would be very welcome.
I tried to find a way to add manually, but it seems it's hardcoded in the program so there's not much I can do :sunglasses:
Thanks for any help!



This is great! :w00t:
Thank you very much for the link dano! :music:

Hi again dano,
I was wondering if it is possible to add this site as an additional Tag Source:
It is currently emulating Freedb:

VGMdb freedb emulator
You can access our database using the freedb protocol through the following addresses:
•Japanese (SJIS)
•Japanese (UTF8)

But I would like to keep Freedb in MP3Tag, so far the only option is to replace the Freedb address with one of those above.

So would it be possible to create a .SRC file for VGMdb?

A .SRC file for VGMdb cover arts would be absolutely fantastic too but looks like the code would be very complex to fetch the covers..

Thanks for any hint on this!
See you,


dano, any idea on this one? ^

Is this still wanted?

Most definitely, please :wink:

I have started, you can give feedback there:

Hi dano, Florian,
It seems the websource scripts for are broken.
( search by album / and "cover only" variant.)

This error now always comes up.

I see the websource scripts have been updated with Mp3tag build 2.49a, I guess they need to be updated for as well?
See you,


PS: Somehow the "Cover only" script is different in this thread versus the one that comes with the new 2.49a build. Is it intentional? (the full script is the same in both the thread and 2.49a build)

No the problem with is the missing associate tag.
I've added one to the cover scripts.

Thanks, "Cover Art only" script is fixed.
The "full" is still broken though "Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria."

Exemple, a search for "beatmania" with your updated "Cover Only" script yields results.
Same search with "full" script triggers the error..

Edit: by analogy, I added an Associate Tag to the full script "" and it's fixed now. The full script hosted on the other thread is broken.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to toss my hat in in asking for a fix for this as well. I listen to primarily Japanese music, and it's been great thusfar to use the web source provided by Mp3tag to get covers and track listings. I hope that there will be a fix soon!

I've updated the 日本語 script.

I am having this problem again
No matter what I search is no result

Oh I figured it out...
This Song has no tracks. Removing the Tracks from Response Groups will make it work