Amazon Cover Downloader

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news and updates regarding the Amazon Cover Downloader are now available here:

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Sebastian Mares

For actual reason, I want to bring this thread back to your attention :slight_smile:

No need for writing emails or PMs regarding "Unknown errors" of ACD. Sebastian has released a new version of ACD which fixes the latest problems.

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~ Florian

Please notice that Amazon Cover Downloader will stop working on August 15th since Amazon requires requests to be signed. ACD is no longer bein maintained, so I am afraid the application will become unusable, unless someone is willing to fix the program and release an update here (program is open source and VB6 sources are included in the installer). Unfortunately, I no longer have a copy of Visual Basic 6 to implement the fixes myself and porting the existing version to .NET is probably as time consuming as rewriting the whole thing using proper style. :frowning: