Amazon cover downloader


How do you get Amazon cover downloader & MP3Tag to work together? :frowning:

using the latest versions of both.

Thank you :smiley:


You can simply add ACD as tool in MP3Tag and use "--acd-keywords=%artist% %album%" as command line argument.


Thank you

In the future will ACD be able to automatically place the cover with the MP3 track? Have a drag & drop capability with MP3Tag?


Sorry, but none of the features is planed. Placing the cover into the MP3 track would require an ID3v2 writer to generate the APIC frame; drag-and-drop support from MP3Tag would require an ID3 or APEv2 reader to fetch the artist and album information from the files which were dropped from MP3Tag.


:w00t: I LOVE IT! Thanks a lot!