Amazon Error 400?

Hey guys, Suddenly I am getting Error 400 when I use Amazon to look for covers.
Anybody have an idea of what is going on and howto fix it. I have been looking around for a solution but I cannot find it.

I am going back to check through my settings again but I don't remember changing anything.

I appreciate any help you can offer.

If you have a firewall it could be that you have blocked mp3tag - this may also happen if mp3tag asks for an update.
Check the firewall blacklist and/or restart the computer.

Thans for the suggestion. The app works with Discogs and other features that use the net but just give error 400 with Amazon.

I did what you said and restarted the PC but it still gives an Error 400 when I try Amazon options.

When the error window comes up is shows" "
error 400. When I try and connect to that page through a browser it won't work either.

Any other ideas?
AFAIK, I never changed anything, it just started giving the error.

Check if your system time and timezone is correct.

I too am having this same problem. My time zone is correct and I've even turned off my firewall. Still no success.

I have the same problem, I didn't make any change in my PC, I only needed reinstall Windows 7 SP1 somedays ago. Anybody knows what happen with webservices of Amazon? Thanks.

Man, I don't think you can make a bigger change to a system than reinstalling the OS.
Check with "Help">"Check for new version"
if MP3tag has access to the outside world. If you do not see any dialogue box as a consequence then you have blocked the internet access for MP3tag. You then have to check where this gets blocked in your environment.
Also make sure that you have the same web source script installed that you used before (if that worked).