Amazon - French Titles


i got a little problem when i'm import the titles from a french cd.. shows in the original Page this:

Assez Donné Comme Ca...!

Import by shows me this:

Assez Donné Comme Ca

is it possible to change something in the or is it a pc problem of mine ?


I checked and they state the character encoding as ISO 8859-1 and as this is programme is for Microsoft Windows only, your OS should support it at least as the modified Windows-1252 character set. I can't check for you but specifying the character set as such might help as I use UTF-8 for a script I wrote and it works with just about every character there is. Try adding the following (with and without the trailing -1) to your list of initial definitions in the .src file.


Post back if it works or not and someone with Windows might be able to test it for you. Good luck! :slight_smile:

No the problem is the Amazon API sends this wrongly encoded text back. Mp3tag is not parsing the html site.

It also happens on german Amazon.