Amazon - Out of order track numbers


Is there a way to make sure that MP3Tag grabs track numbers and names from multiple disk box sets in the proper order, egardless of the order returned by Amazon? As you can see from these results:,Tracks,Images

Amazon is returning discs out of order, this results in the tracks being listed in the wrong order and with the wrong track numbers. I looked through the help but didn't see an obvious way of telling Mp3Tag to parse the disc in disc number order.



On this amazon webpage
there is an ordered list of cd's and tracks.
You may use the Mp3tag Websources Framework to catch what you want.



That doesn't solve the overall problem, I'm sure amazon has other sets that are out of order as well it would be better to have a method to insure the tracks are processed in the correct order...


I'm sure, the other webpage solves the special problem.
Nevertheless provide some other example pages to detect the overall problem.



That proved to be pretty easy to do, as far as I can tell Amazon's xml page lists the discs out of order on every disc set with more than 9 discs. Here are a few more listings for you:,Tracks,Images,Tracks,Images,Tracks,Images,Tracks,Images



... and perhaps for others who can understand what you are searching for..

For the first url above there exists an alternative webpage that provides a well ordered list.
So there might be more than one solution to solve your problem.

Maybe the Websources Framework developer can think of a new iteration function, that can iterate for each of some xml statement, for example, say 'For each from 1 to 11' or something in this way.



Do you think it woud be possible to add a feature to the web sources framework so that we can make sure that tracks are presented in order of disc?