Amazon tag data contaminated?

I've been working on retagging my mp3 collection over the past few months. I had a nice routine going getting album art off of Lately though, I've noticed that more and more albums are showing up with the artist name (as well as any guest artists) appended to the song title. For example instead of the Adjust Tag Information dialog showing just the track title:

Hey Jude

It will have something like this:

Hey Jude - Beatles, The - Lennon, McCartney

This means that I now have to click in each title line and delete the artist information before writing the tag info the the file. Is this something that has changed at Amazon? Is there some way to filter out the artist info from the title lines? Thanks.

I did some tests and it seems that the majority of search results doesn't show this specific behaviour.

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Hmmm, I'm seeing more and more of it. Some albums might only have one or two tracks with artist data in the titles while others have all titles edited. Some also seem to have songwriter data appended. Here is an example of one I came across this morning.

You can use "Utils > Compilation" on the bottom left and enter
%title% - %artist%
%title% - %artist%, %dummy%

Thanks dano, that works!