amg (all music guide) support ?

Hello everyone !

I've been using the Tag&Rename software but it is shareware and now it is locked :astonished: ...
So I looked for similar but freeware and I found out Mp3tag :w00t:

It is great, but as a former Tag&Rename user I think there are a few restrictions :stuck_out_tongue: :

  • the fact that you cannot retrieve information from all music guide (see here) which is, I think, much more user friendly and comprehensive than freedb

  • in the freedb window, when you've retrieved all the information, it is not very clear which info will be written into which file :flushed: ... If there is a way to improve it, would be fine. Plus improve the display when there are more files than retrieved tracks info...

Anyway thanks for this great software,


editing I forgot : if you want me to provide you with an explaination on how amg search form works, just ask :wink:

Hi Balai,

When I tag my mp3's (Mp3tag) I check the album with AMG for the Styles,
and put this info in the comment field. This is also a great site.
Maybe you know the mp3 tag software: The GodFather, with these you can search on AMG and put the info's into the tags.

Grtz. Billy

I got some e-mail about this topic.

This is a answer about a question over a Tag program The GodFather:
When you work with these and you want the info from AMG Guide,
you must fill in the artist-name in the search engine.
Then if the album is in the database you can copy the info in the tags v.2.3.
It's not automation.

Best Regards,


Edit: For al the people they work with AMG, try this one Link

After the redesign of AMG I decided to write a parser for the site to allow freedb-alike import of album information. But it seems, that AMG's Terms of Service doesn't allow things like that:

Best regards,
~ Florian

my first post....

i was also dissapointed that tag&rename and the godfather had to both drop amg support (at least it looks that way). amg was the best source for tagging imo. well, after trying to find a good alternative i finally ended up using musicbrainz tagger. they have a great service and a great database of music. you really feel like you are part of the community there.

anyway, i then came across mp3tag. congrats on this program florian. it has to be the easiest to use tagger out there. i use musicbrainz tagger, then run them through mp3tag for renaming, etc.

florian, have you considered using musicbrainz as an alternative to allmusic, amazon, etc? i think it's second only to allmusic for tagging. the only things i think mp3tag needs is....

  1. an internet lookup service other than freedb, such as musicbrainz
  2. color coded files, like some other tagging programs offer

i have tried a lot of taggers the past week and mp3tag has the simplest, no bull interface. i would love to see allmusic or musicbrainz support so that i can do away with the limited musicbrainz tagger.

again thanks for this great piece of software florian.