Since 1 month, amg web source doesn't want to work!

Where can I download the last update of the web source?

Thanks and sorry for my English (I'm French)...


See this thread:


Thanks for your answer but I don't understand... The thread is dated from 2007!! Does this mean that the web source is no longer available?

Pretty much, yes. If you happened to have the script from 2007, then it continued to work -- right up until redesigned their site. But the script has not been published with any recent version of MP3tag, nor is it likely to get fixed anytime soon.

The Musicbrainz script is a fairly good alternative, but being user supported the data is only as good as the users who inputted it. I also like the Zune script as an alternative.

not longer available because amg asked to to so.

OK... Thanks for all your answers... Nervermind bud sad because it was the best according to me... :frowning:

Well well well... No news about amg?

I'm asking because MusicBrainz is far to be the best according to me and I dont't know where to find the Zune Script in the way to test it...

Do you know a Script which could find the composer data? It was one of the best option in amg that's why I'm looking for a good alternative.

Thanks!!! :wink:

My discogs script writes it to MIXARTIST if it is given in the tracklist or in UNSYNCEDLYRICS (or Discogs_Credits when you edit it) when it is given in the credits. But always together with all other artist credits.

Well, thanks for your answer. It's pretty good, well done! But is there a way to write the composer data in "the composer line" and not in UNSYNCEDLYRICS or MIXARTIST? This for the media player I use indeed and It not recognizes the data if it is not written on the "good line".

Thanks again!!

You can edit them if you open the files with a text editor.
Here is a explanation of the commands:
If you want to go into details, you also need some knowledge about regular expressions:

Since my script has 14 different versions, it's a good idea to use an advanced text editor where you can do replacements of the same text in different files in one go. Like this one: .
For this editor, Notepad++, exists an very usefull language extension for the mp3tag web sources script language which highligts the comands of the script for a better overview: Web Sources Framework: Help needed
But you can also use simple notepad or wordpad. Edit one scirpt and copy and paste the whole [ParserScriptAlbum]=... part of the script to the others.

For your desired editing:
It's the outputto "..." command which determines which text goes to which tag field. So if you replace every outputto "Mixartist" with outputto "Composer", you get what was written to MIXARTIST before into COMPOSER now.

For the Credits part it's a bit trickier.
You have to split Credits and Notes, which are combined in on Field (UNSYNCEDLYRICS) by my script. But I predpared my script for this option:

# Discogs Credits & Notes to Tag-Field UnsyncedLyrics
outputto "unsyncedlyrics"

# Discogs Credits & Notes to Tag-Field UnsyncedLyrics
#outputto "unsyncedlyrics"


# Credits
#outputto "Discogs_Credits"

# Credits
outputto "Composer"


# Notes
#outputto "Discogs_Notes"

# Notes
outputto "Unsyncedlyrics

(or whatever field you like here)

The next thing is to shift the Credits from a multline field to a oneline field. For this:

regexpreplace "\s*<br />\s*" "\r\n"
regexpreplace "\s*<br />\s*" "; "


say "Credits:"

#say "Credits:"

(or delete these two lines)

Hm, hm, ...
after testing my instructions, I see there seems to be a problem with combining data from the tracks loop (a loop runing in the script which writes the same fields with different values for every track) and data from normal fields (which have the same value for every track) into one field. To Overcome this problem, I would have to integrate the Credits part into the Trackloop. Please tell me if it's worth the work, because the information given in the Credtis part at is often much more as you want. E.g. infrmation about the designer or photographer of the cover artwork or similar stuff.

A different approach would be looking just for the composer instead of every person credit given on the page. You could only for certain expressions like "written by" "composed by" and write only these persons to the COMPOSER field. I don't know how much these expressions are standardized at discogs. But you can make a list of expressions which you want to include.
The problem of combining the information from the track loop and the credits part at the end would be still there.