Amiga MODule filename rename

Over the past 15+ years I've passively collected a few thousand Amiga music modules from various sources that eventually were stored on various DOS and early Windows machines. The problem is they are stuck in 8.3 DOS file names. They all have full length internal filenames. I don't have the patients or time to sit down and rename each of them by hand.
May I suggest adding MOD, S3M, STM, 669, ULT, XM, etc... (protracker, screamtracker, fasttracker, etc...) support for rename and retagging. Well perhaps just file rename based on internal name.
I'd agree that this a special purpose limited use capability and may be not worth the time and effort to add so much function to MP3TAG just for just me and probably few others. Perhaps someone has written a program to do just what I need. Let me know, please.

You can try with input plugin for mods