An action 'Run Application'

What about a new action type 'Run Application'? I mean it would be useful to run a simple .exe or .bat file (for example DOS commands, or another special .exe) to manipulate your files, like these:

  • move all your files (including pictures, docs, subdirectories etc.) to a desired position

Action type: Run Application
Application: move
Parameter: %_folderpath%. C:\MoveToHere\


Action type: Run Application
Application: C:\MyExe\movethese.bat <-- created by a previous export script

The Run Application action should be the very last action in the queue (after Export action).

  • create multiple files with one export to the desired path (using a special splitting exe, or a batch file)

Action type: Run Application
Application: C:\MyExe\splitter.exe
Parameter: %_folderpath%BunchOfM3Us.txt

and so on and on and on ...

What do you think?

Anyway, batch files can be executed in the end of the export file without this action... so I can run external application from a batch file... Sorry. I tried to delete this topic, but I can't find a way...