An easy way to transfer mp3 lists


I am having this problem, which I'm sure many of you have encountered. Friends of mine want some of my mp3s, so I need to find an easy way to transfer just the ones they want. It would be nice if I could give them a list with my mp3s and they could pick what they wanted, and send me their selections. So what I'm getting at is that it would be nice if mp3tag had a format which would be easily exportable, would look nice, and could be reimported back again, or just copy the songs in the list to a new location... I don't know if this is making sense to you or if this is even the right forum to post in, but it seems correct :slight_smile:


I've been using Directory lister for several months, I tried out several different listers and found this one better than most. It's a freeware that you can download - freeware for Windows Windows Configurator, Directory Lister I had to spend some time playing with it's configuration to get what i wanted but it works for me. lemme know if u find a better one. Good luck!


You can also use Mp3tag's Export feature to build nice HTML overview lists, but it's not possible to load the files from the list again.

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