An m3u playlist inside a master m3u playlist?

This might be a dumb question, but here goes: I thought I read somewhere in these forums that you could insert a playlist within a playlist file. Last week when I made a bunch of smaller playlists (anywhere from 15 to 50 tracks each) for my SD card to play in my car (playlists were necessary because the car would only play one folder at a time and doesn't allow for switching folders/artists/albums, etc. while driving), and then it hit me: could I combine a few m3u files inside a master m3u file and play that playlist in my car? Or does an m3u file only have its very specific syntax that points to filenames and locations?

Theoretically you can add m3u playlists inside a master m3u playlist.


You have to check with the mp3 player in your car, if your device support this nested playlists.

Little update:
My VLC (software audio player) is capable to load such a masterplaylist.m3u with additional "sub playlists" in it.
At first sight, you only see the tracks from the first playlist.
At the end of this list you will only see the names of the additional playlists. You have to doubleclick these playlist names to add the tracks itself to the playlist.
Or you wait until the last visible track is reached and completely played. The next playlist (the one for which you only see the name on the list) will automatically be opened and the tracks itself added to the playlist.


So I added three m3u playlist names in a text editor and saved that as a master m3u file. The car did recognize the new master playlist with three selectable individual playlists, but when you select one the car (as I expected, sadly) only played the tracks in that playlist and then repeated the tracks in that playlist. Not a tragedy... I could also just copy-and-paste all the text from all three playlists into the master list and do it that way. Was just curious.

Anyway, thanks again for your help!

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