An usefull script for rename tags

Here is in archives a small script realized for the preparation of tracks to deposit on Radio Campus Lille's numeric system (North of France).
The system being used by 87 different presenters, the protocol of naming is rather severe, Mp3tag facilitated well to me the life by allowing me to realize an automatic script.

This archives contains a script of:

  • Replacement of tags of tracks numbers: 1 - > 01; 2 - > 02 etc....
    ( Be carefull, with albums and compilations of more than 99 tracks, use the dedicated tool)

  • Replacement of years tags in two figures (ex: 97) by four figures (ex: 1997) of " 17 - > 1917 " to " 16 - > 2016 " (be care with oldies dating from the empire of the Russian Czars)

  • Replacement of "-", "-", and "_", by " "
    - Replacement of "&" by "and"

  • supression of all the accents and the cedillas

  • replacement of Æ æ Œ œ by AE ae OE oe

After installation of Mp3tag,

Open C:\Documents and Settings \ " Your user's name " \Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions.
Put down files there extract from this archives.

When it is made, you configured your magic button in Mp3tag (realized for the version v2.41)

  • Click the button AB, in toolbar , near the small arrow..
  • Click tools - > Convert tracks, years and specials characters
  • New options display, choose those who interest you
  • Click on OK

During the following, just use:

  • Click the button AB, in toolbar, near the small arrow..
  • Click on OK

And is there ! I spent time on it, but that is going to make me win many more time.
Can belong to you too!

Especially if your audio player refuses the reading of accents.
Mine (Cowon D2) reads them, but not with most part of the "flash-skins".
This script will also allow me to reappoint tags and files for my D2 in this use.

Genious... :astonished:

Tell me more, tell me more! :ph34r: