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Mp3tag for Android? Well, I like to use it more on my phone since I only tag some basics. I know there's a lot Tagger on the PlayStore but there's one feature of this software I obsessed with and that is it can reduce the file size after changing the cover art with smaller size (about paddings, I guess). I tried many apps but it doesn't have this feature, sadly. So I hope someday there's an app of this available.

see e.g. here:


  • i don't think that an software with so much features is a really good idea on android (phone).
  • i don't really understand why you want to do that on phone? phone is mostly just a partly copy from your audioarchive. Hope phone isn't you main (only?) storage for you audio files?
  • working on mtp devices from windows is an very bad idea too. mtp is to slow and miss a lot of functions.

so, from my point of view:

move files to windows
edit with mp3tag
move them back


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