Android phone local doesn't show music cover

Hi dev team, I really like this app, but when I change the cover of a piece of music and transfer it locally to my mobile phone for auditioning, it doesn't show the cover of the music at all, is it a mistake in the procedure or what is the reason for the problem that the cover doesn't show up on the mobile phone.

The most easy procedure would be:
Compare a song that shows a cover on your android phone with one that has a cover too but does not show it on your phone.

Load such songs in your Mp3tag on your PC.
Then press Alt + T on each of this songs and create a screenshot and paste this screenshot in your answer.
Maybe we can help you to see the difference.

Besides the info from mp3tag that @LyricsLover has requested, it would be helpful to also know what device and player app you are using. You may have to have that app look for file changes before these covers get updated.