Android version of mp3tag

Are there any plans for an android version? There are NO android equivalents and none of the available options are anywhere near adequate.


Why devs yet to make android app for this great piece of software?

would you devs please make Mp3Tag for Android, please?

Do you really want to tag your songs on a android handy? I can't imagine how difficult this would be. IMHO, the use of a real hardware keyboard seems nearly mandatory.


from my point of view: an android version running on phone -> nonsense

It depends how you are using it - I use it to tag my own compositions and would certainly find an Android version useful. I do a lot of copy/paste and batch modifications which would all work fine on Android. I can see that if you're just tagging individual songs it would be easier to use a keyboard.

I can’t imagine how this could work efficiently on a mobile device. Probably not for most tablets either. Even on desktop monitors there are already complaints of the text being too small. Working through a mobile device, entering filter and script text, etc. would all become that much more complex.

Plus then you have to consider how to get these edited files synced back to your main device.

I could see this being a nightmare for @Florian to manage, with likely more cons than pros. IMHO.


A short excursion with google showed a number of apps that allow tagging of MP3 files on android devices.
So it would not have to be an android version of MP3tag if the whole point is to tag a few files on the fly.
As soon as it becomes a bulk affair I doubt that an android device is the best choice.