Another Audacity related question: Double "YEAR" Tag

I know, this is slightly off topic, because it's Audacity related, but since we have so many smart people here, I would like to ask it anyway:
I'm usin Audacity to digitize vinyl and radio sources. I mark the tracks, add the metadata [artist name], [album title] [year] and [genre] and then I use "export multiple" to write the mp3 files.

Everything works like a charm.

When I open the file im MP3Tag, it has an additional YEAR tag:
Bild 2 - 2021-06-24--12-06
No MP3 Software will display this additional tag and it does not show up anywhere else.

But it's driving my inner Monk nuts.

Has anyone an idea, how to deal with this problem, except simply ignoring it?


See here:

(which I found with the search function and the search words "audacity year")

Wow, that was fast. :slight_smile:

I used the search function looking for "audacity" but not "year" and probably did not search well enough.

I am always amazed, that you seem to remeber all topics in this forum.