Stopping double entries

When entering the Year and comments in Audacity's tag panel and opening the tracks to tag in MP3Tag, there is a double Year ie:1967\\1967, and the same goes for the comments, should I put one in. Is there any way of stopping this from happening short of not entering anything? It would save some time.
Just curious.

see this thread on the audacity problem: /t/17538/1
The only way to stop it is probably to stop tagging with audacity.

I read down the replies and found this: "Have a look at these files in Mp3Tags extended tag-view. (ALT-t)
You probably have 2 year-tags.
You can solve this with an action "Remove duplicate fields""

I found the answer. Not being too familiar with actions, I found that there IS an action for removing duplicate fields, had to find it though. I tested it on one of my entries and IT WORKS. Had no idea such a thing existed in MP3TAG. It works for both the Year and comments fields.

Thanks for help, i definitely do appreciate it.

If you find it ok, then it is ok.
I was reluctant to recommend that action as one never knows whether the (duplicate) fields have the same contents.
If they have not then it may be necessary to check them first (there is an action to merge duplicate fields so that one can edit them more easily).
But it would be even better to have just one program that is the master of tagging and leave out those that cause problems.

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