Another Newbie Question

Hi all,

Could someone please tell me: is it possible to change multiple tags within MP3Tag at the same time? For example, if I want to change the tags on all songs in one album with one command, ho do I go about this? I have tried highlighting them all and entering a new album name, but only one at a time is changed.

This seems like something pretty simple, but I have trawled through the various commands and help sections and drawn a blank!

Many thanks in advace to anyone who can help!!

Select all files that should get the same data.
Enter e.g. the new album title in the tag panel on the left.

Press Ctrl-S (or the save symbol in the toolbar) to save the changes.

Select the files via the CTRL+LMB (left mouse button) to selectively select items or SHIFT+LMB to select from one row to the next or ctrl+A to select all.

Once you've done any of those, in the tag panel enter in the info you want and hit CTRL+S for a save.

OPTIONAL: In the options for Mp3tag go to Messages>untick ( after save & after change)
This will not pop up any messages.

Thanks guys!

I thought it would be something so simple like that! The option to remove confirmation messages is a nice touch too.

Thanks for asking this. It has to be the most basic question yet, after using this software for a year or more, I had no idea how to make the tag panel work. It looked like a simple intuitive feature yet nothing I did worked so I gave up on it until now when I needed to make a bulk change.
As soon as I saw your title, I figured you wanted to know the same thing. A simple press save to write changes under the panel would be a welcome addition for others.