another playlist batch creation question



I read all present forum search results for "playlist" and got the feeling, that my task may succeed with mp3tag, but I failed to figure out how.
I have folders with one mp3 album in each and I want to create separate playlists into each folder.
There seems to be a mp3tag command ctrl+shift+p, which exact description I couldn't find.

But when I select first folder, as suggested and one track from it and ctrl+shift+p, the playlist is created only in this very one folder.

Can I force mp3tag to jump for playlist creation to the next folder, so that each folder has only it's own tracks in palylist?



You should load the main folder containing all sub-folders with artists and albums. Use something like %_folderpath%\%album%.m3u as formatstring.


Thanks for a suggestion. I did, but nothing happens ... as there is no file present in root folder and nothing can't be selected the ctrl+shift+p isn't obvilusly even active.



I did some more experiments and managed with the task. Thanks.