another soft with the same name

I was very surprised finding a shareware named mp3tag:

I thought that you own the name.

i've tried that program some time ago, but i didn't remember it's name. Hope there won't be any legal issue from it, because they seem to have a larger 'background' :wink:

Which of the two products is older? As far as I can see, Florian's Mp3tag is at least from 1999 while Maniac Tools' mp3Tag is from 2000.

The first version of Mp3tag I have in my backup folder is from 1998. I've attached a screenshot for your pleasure :smiley:

I don't know what legal issues are implied and how I can protect the name. It would be great if someone can give some feedback on that.

I don't know. I was reading some news in France on Infos du net and I have seen "mp3tag" in their software library. I thought it was a good news for your freeware, but then I've read in the description: Shareware. I clicked to explain it is a mistake, and that's the way I've seen they weren't talking about the same software. There is a forum on this website (Infos du Net). Do you think I can make a post to expain the differences between that software and yours?

OT: Wow, you cannot even edit the title. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, if your software is older, I think there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Registering Mp3tag as trademark or something like that costs money for sure.