Another Tag Question

Bon Iver in the Album Bon Iver have a Track called Beth/Rest
I prefer this to be tagged as Beth / Rest.

Irrespective of my best efforts (HaHaHa!!!!) all I seem to be able to get by Actions or Tag to Filename are: Beth/Rest, Beth Rest, Beth/rest or Beth / rest

Any help would be appreciated as it is quite surprising just how often this occurs.


AFAIK the / is illegal for filenames.

Or you do a double action: first replace all / with blank-slash-blank and then in the second action you replace all double blanks with a single one.

The / still remains an illegal character for filenames, though.

Do two actions:
3) /
*space before and after / in 3)
b)Case Conversion
2)Mixed Case
3) /
*space before / in 3)

This sould do it

Perfect, thank you!

Next question, sorry, how can I achieve the same with Filename?

Not at all? See Post #2?

Thanks o.

The penny has dropped!

Bearing in mind that / is "illegal" (ohrenkino), how can I create a filename:
101 (Johnny Mercer / Jo Stafford) Blues in the Night from:

Artist: Johnny Mercer / Jo Stafford
Title: Blues in the Night

Using the methodology shown previously, the filename produced is:
101 (Johnny MercerJo Stafford) Blues in the Night