Any advice for a relatively new user?

Im in the process of retagging my entire digital collection Hardcore (UK/Happy/Freeform) in accordance with discogs info on the releases, and it's a lot of work, building a method along the way as well. I was using the included software function to pull from discogs at first but then moved on to the pone script. the biggest chunk of the work so far is tagging entire labels, single by single, along with relevant artist albums and compilations, mixed or unmixed.

just wondering if anyone else who might have undertaken something similar care to share tips and tricks that made their project move along more efficiently. any scripts I might not have found that us more current and appropriate than the pone one for example?

I think that MP3tag comes with a working discogs web source script (not the pone one) It also allows to search by several other criteria than just artist and album.
Have a look at the web sources menu.