Any plan to support media library?

I know there are a lot of people store large number of music files in a few specific directories on their hard drive. For me, I have a folder which contains more than 1,000 music files(mp3 or wma), so every time I start up Mp3tag and want to maintain my library, it takes quite a while to rescan all these stuff. So, I'm wondering it'll be better for Mp3tag to have a built-in media library manager, just like foobar2000.

Let us not boast with the extent of our libraries. I think that a thousand files is just peanuts to others.

I do not know whether you have tried to update a library for WMP or Itunes - two programs that also use a library: to my opinion updating their libraries ... THAT takes a lot of time. The forum is full of questions

I think MP3tag is absolutely great to read just that amount of data from a drive which I intend to modify without any tedious library updating.
And after the quick and efficient editing of tags one of the librarians like WMP or iTunes can do their sluggish work of updating. I doubt that a library would lead to a gain in performance.

I'm not boasting anything, OK? Referring to that figure, I just want to express that it indeed takes some time to preparing the data every time. Considering people usually store their collection in some certain folder, it'll be wise for mp3tag to maintain a profile of that folder because this will definitely reduce the start-up time.

I know these two application are fat and slow, but I suggest you should try foobar2000. You should not notice any delay when it's updating the library and it's open source as far as I know.

I also did not have the impression that you used these numbers to boast anything, but just for illustrating your suggestion. And yes, loading files takes some time and a dedicated media library could speed up the whole process.

I did not have time to research that further, but it's a nice idea and is on my internal wish list for already quite some time.

foobar2000 is really outstanding also with regard to its Media Library and their hassle-free updating. BTW, foobar2000 itself is not open source but the SDK is. The Media Library and its internal data structures (which are certainly highly optimized) are not part of the SDK.

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It's nice to know that. I can totally understand that it also cost a lot of time to develop a piece of freeware. I always feel grateful when I'm using all those great freeware(including Mp3tag), especially those developed by individuals in their part time.

Oh! Thanks for the information.