any problems with


Is there any new problems known with
Copy and paste of ID very often doesn't work. 74f754f6 I set enter manually, paste ID and set to rock but ID still not found.
(1• rock/74f754f6 Cocteau Twins • Head Over Heels)

Some IDs work and others don't. Looks like some new incompatibility arising.

Or is now possible to return to initial

version 2.36 a


Update Mp3tag to latest beta.

Only the web search was down, but the 3 other methods were always working.


Thanks for the suggestion.
Do the earlier option settings remain the same when upgrading?
I have set several rare options to mp3tag and I don't remember where and how ...
that's why i', afraid to upgrade ...


The settings should automatically be transfered, yes. I never had problems updating.