Any tips on using Audacity to digitize Vinyl?

Thanks, Gord.

That site looks interesting. I’ve ripped only a dozen or so of my own LPs but I recently came into temporary possession of several hundred high-quality albums, ranging from Delta blues to classical. (My wife’s friend’s husband passed away recently, and he was quite an audiophile.) I’ve told her I would like to clean up the records, make digital copies and help her sell them. The first two I researched at random could fetch as much as $100! I’m also trying to figure out whether and how she should sell his turntable and other gear, which was state of the art some 30 years ago (Beogram 8000 turntable and Adcom amp, pre-amp and CD player).

With so many records to process, I’m trying to make this as efficient as possible.

If you have any tips on using Audacity, I’m all ears. There are lots of YouTube videos on this but I’ve yet to find a real good one. I’m interested in learning how to use chains to expedite the noise reduction/click removal/normalization process. For instance, how do you label tracks before exporting? Is 1,2,3, etc., the best way to go before using MP3Tag? You suggested using ALAC, what about AIFF? And what settings do you use for sample rate, sample format, conversion, audio host, etc., etc.?

I take it you don’t use iTunes. Despite its drawbacks, I use it mainly for compatibility with my iPhone, but I’d be interested to hear what you use for listening to digitized LPs. Should I bite the bullet and use something else?

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

I've moved your additional questions to a separate topic under #off-topic — they diverge significantly from the original topic on Mp3tag's use for iTunes.

See Sample workflow for LP digitization and Exporting to Apple Music/iTunes for pointer from the Audacity manual.

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