Any way to directly edit a FILENAME?

MP3Tag allows me to directly type changes (corrections) to Album, Artist, Title and some other fields by clicking the entry and editing the data. Very handy

I have a simple Action that creates the Title based on all the Filenames selected, so something like

[Blues Clues.mp3] will generate a title = [Blues Clues]

Reviewing the results, I can manually edit the title field to correct the punction making it [Blue's Clues] but without jumping to Windows Explorer there's no easy way to 'correct the file name, say by clicking the field to edit what's there

Any suggestions?


If you want the filename to reflect a change in the title tag, all you need to do is select the files, right click -> Convert -> Tag - Filename
and set the structure of your desired file name. For your example that would be %title%.

$num(%track%,2) $validate($regexp(%title%,^(.{90})(.*),$1..),-)
This is the one I use which replaces unsupported characters in the %title% field with - and also limits the final output name to 100 characters (2 for the track number, 1 space, 90 for the actual title, 2 dots if the title exceeds 90 characters and 5 for ".flac") to avoid going over the windows path length limit.


I must be getting old because your reply reminded me that a long time ago I had worked out an Action to do almost that. Not as sophisticated as yours, but my need was very simple

Thanks again

The main idea of the questions was ability to directly edit in the FILENAME field similar to the way you can edit in some of the other fields (e.g. TITLE, ARTIST, etc.). IMHO it'd be a little simpler and more direct when making occasional changes. No CONVERTing, or selecting and running Actions.

Yes, there is.
See the documentation here.
"Field usually contains a placeholder that is used for editing the content of the field through the File List. Please note that if this field is empty, the column is write-protected. You can only use placeholders for tag fields (e.g. %ISRC%) as well as %_filename_ext% and %_filename% "
Like this:
Filename column definition

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Just for the record:
Such "occasional changes" are one of the many sources for errors.
If you set such a special character like a quote only every few months, how can you be sure that you always use the same ' and not ` or ´ ?
I suggest to always save such changes into your tags, like TITLE. Then rebuild your filename from the tags. This can be repeated as many times you want. Manual direct changes on the filename get lost to easily...

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