Any way to edit just one file instead of scanning an entire directory?

I'd like to edit just one file but scanning the directory is taking a really long time. Is there a way to open/edit just one file so I don't have to wait hours through scanning the directory?

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can operate from the windows explorer.
Mark a file and use the context-menue (right mouse click) to select MP3Tag or just drag the file in the already started MP3Tag.

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Hi @poster. Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid mp3tag does not show up anywhere when I right click. Or when I drag the file into the mp3tag window it just begins to scan the directory the file is in.

Any other ideas? Or is there something I'm missing in order to get your suggestions to work?

For getting the ability to use the context menue (right mouse click) you have to install MP3Tag in the regular way (not the portable way).
I am using MP3Tag now since about 9 years and in that time I never had a situation that it scans a directory when I drag and drop a single file or a selection of files.
Which version of MP3Tag have you installed and which Operating System do you use?

Hi @poster. I'll try to reinstall it regular way and see what happens.

Version v2.87a Windows 10.

I reinstalled it making the right-click option available. However, when I right click to open in mp3tag, the program opens but again still begins to scan the directory instead of just opening the one selected file.

I can't seem to make the DIRECTORY drop-down blank on the left hand side. So either it is continuing to scan the directory that the one file selected comes from, or I need to find a way to remove the program from automatically scanning that directory that is listed on the left hand side and/or make that field blank all together.

Another update... once I canceled the directory scanning the one file I originally selected ends up showing up. So I guess this is what I'll have to do. But it seems like there should be a way to open the program without automatically scanning the directory until you select to do so.

So maybe I spoke too soon. Whenever I try to click on anything to edit it on the one selected file the program freezes up.

You are right: there is always a "current folder".
You can set that folder in Tools>Options>Folders. If you select a folder where there are no supported files, you get an empty files list.
If yo do not enter anything, the folder form the last session will be opened.
I cannot reproduce what you are writing about the single file.
As soon as you have installed the shell extension and select a single file (not folder), it is possible to use the explorer context menu with the entry "Mp3tag" to open just this file.
Alternatively, you can drag&drop a single file from the Windows Explorer into the files list of MP3tag.

Thanks for the reply @ohrenkino. I can't seem to get the drag and drop option to work to get a single file opened, but I was able to get the file to open with the right click option after reinstalling the software. The problem now is the program seems to be freezing up whenever I click on something to try and edit.

You have to have the correct access rights to modify files.
THis is also valid for d&d.
In most cases it is not enough to be Administrator but it is better to be also the owner of the files.
Alternatively, the files should be readable and writable for "Everyone".