Any way to find similar artist name (has 'the' at the beginning)

I am trying to organise my music (10000+ songs) and spent hours yesterday renaming artists across tracks that were slightly different (for instance some had ACDC, some had AC/DC etc so my music searches would be more successful.

This was relatively easy as by sorting the tags by artist they were all next to each other so I could edit them.

However, my problem now is that I seem to have a lot of artist tags with 'the' at the beginning. Some are valid, some are not.

For example, I have some tracks by Beatles, some by The Beatles. Clearly the same artist.

Is there any way (either through MP3TAG or some other software) to find similar artist names so I can match up those with The at the beginning?

Any other suggestions?

MP3tag does not compare the tags between files. So there is hardly any help to be found.

What I would do:
Set a filter with
%artist% MATCHES "^The "
Which then filters all those that begin with a "The".

As a temporary workaround, you could move the "The" to the end, like
Beatles, the
(Replace with regular expression for ARTIST
Search string: ^The (.*)
Replace string: $1, the

then sort again by artist, perhaps filter for those with the ", the" at the end
%artist% MATCHES ", the$"
and then clean up the names.
Repeated filtering and removing the filter should let you separate those with a valid "the" in the name from those that have not.
(My favourites in that respect are always "The The" and "The Band" which would not make much sense without the "the". ;-))
It is still fairly manual though. And as language is not logical, I am afraid, that you do not get much help from programs.