Any way to use 2nd or last format character?

I have a lot of MP3's and have run into a bit of a pickle when trying to create tags from the filename. For example -

Using the format %album% - %artist% - (%track%) %title% (%year%)
works great on the following -

The Mozart Collection Vol 05A- Piano Sonatas - Mitsuko Uchida - (03) No 11 in A K331 (1983)

but if I have a filename with a another set of () in the track title like this -

Vivaldi- L'estro armonico, 12 concerti, op. 3 (Disc 1) - I Musici - (01) Concerto no 1, RV 549, in D dur, (I. allegro) (1984)

It puts the (I. allegro) (1984) in the %year% field. Is there any way to pick the last set only?


It shows that the brackets are no unique separator.
You could use something like
%album% - %artist% - (%track%) %title%) (%year%)
with the loss of the closing bracket.
But you could filter for such titles with
title HAS "(" AND NOT %title% HAS ")"
and then add the missing bracket with
Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: %title%)

Thanks! I actually was able to come up with the first part of your suggestion, but I'm not sure how to do the filter part. How would you do that? I don't see any options.

Press F3 to toggle the filter box.
There enter the filter expression.