Anyone know of a MP3Tag-like program for managing metadata of pictures?

I have started this search many times but have never found a suitable program that would let me manage tags like I can in mp3tag. I would like to be able to copy tags from one place to another, like Date modified to Date Created and so forth. Anyone know of a program that can do this?

Are you looking for a software with GUI or CLI?

GUI: XnView

XnView has a portable version too, just for a short test if your picture formats and tags are supported.

Thank you. I will take a look but I prefer GUI

Reporting back that I fave found a program that has a developer that may be as commited to program development as Florian. It is called IMatch and it allows all sorts of customization and tagging. It also uses regular expressions. An excellent program that has unrivaled features. If you are looking at this thread, you should check it out. I think you will be very happy.