Anyone know of a way to Auto-Embed "Artist" Art into MP3's...?

Lot's of stuff for Albums, but not finding any that does the same for "other" Image Tags within music files?

I'm trying to get the "Album Art Downloader" dev to add the ability, should be fairly simple.

Also, is there any way to take "existing Art" within a folder to auto-embed the art into the files?
For example, MusicBee auto-downloads missing Artist Art and puts it into a folder, and the images are under the Artists NAME. So, if a program could read the Artist Tag in files, and then match the name of the image and then embed it, that would work too.

Thanks... :slight_smile:

SOLUTION... So as shown below,
1. create an ACTION "Import cover from file",
2. then select the folder/file directory in the first field (format string), replace a selected jpg with %artist%.jpg in the field (the file path should look like this C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\Thumb%artist%.jpg for example),
3. then select Artist in the next field (Import Cover as),
4. and then ensure you have all the files you want to add the Artist images into in Mp3tags window and they are selected, and run the Action.

You will have been able to "batch process" individual artist images, embedding them ALL for every MP3. As noted above, MusicBee created thumbs of every artist and put them in a folder under the artist name which made this easy to then use Mp3tag.

NOTE also that artist images MusicBee didn't find will NOT be in that folder, so you will have to edit those music files manually. You'll get an error for those missing images still when you run the above Action.
Also, this action can be done with "other" image types, just change accordingly.

Thanks to both MusicBee and Mp3tag making this easy, other than my idiocy sleep deprivation below. :slight_smile:

p.s. The forum removed the required backslash after the word "Thumb" above... fyi

Oh, and also feel free to use your favorite file size reducer to reduce the image sizes if you want. MusicBee saves them at 1,000x1,000 pixels.
I reduced them to what I like the cover sizes to be at 640 pixels. The program I used was XnViewMP.

Please have a look at the description of the Action "Import cover from file"
Or use the forum search function with e.g. "embed cover folder"

This only allows importing of "one" image....
Thus, one artist, according to the files I select.

It doesn't "batch process" ALL the image files matching them according to the Artist.
It will only batch process if the artist is the same for all the files.

But, I'll check your search to see if I can find anything. I've already searched all over the internet for how to do this, and I'm not finding a way yet. Like I said, plenty of options exist for Album covers, but not finding options for Artist.

BTW, an "Action" isn't needed for what Mp3tag is doing already for what you addressed.
You can just select all the files, drag and drop the image into the Image Tag, and then select "Artist" for all those. That I'm guessing will do the same thing.

UPDATE.... Okay, just found a thread that talked about the "Action" in question, and I see the format string doesn't have to be a "link" to the image, it can be formated which a bunch of other stuff that I'm utterly clueless about what it all does, how I would format it, etc.
For example, they had "d:\covers$trim($right(%_directory%,2)).jpg"

This was the page I got that from... batch operation - #8 by poster

So, I have no idea how I would format something to do what I'm needing?

So many allegations, so little knowledge ...
Esp. as the linked help more or less revealed it all:

Import cover from file

Imports the cover art specified by the absolute or relative filename into the tag of the file. You can use placeholders like %artist% or %album%.

So, to get the local artist image (if there is one and it is spelt in the same way as the filename) it could look like this:
Format string: %artist%.jpg
And as you can set what type of image you just imported, you should also get it as the type "Artist".

Wrong guess. As described above. You are right, though: Dragging and dropping does not allow varying pictures. But the action does.


So, just an FYI, we seem to be on the right track, but I need specifics...

As you'll note, I updated my post above, so clearly I have to format the string in such a way that I have no clue or understanding of. That's what I need help with.

Also, you're incorrect... I just tested it myself.

  • Select Multiple files in Mp3tag, all of which have a Front-Cover in them already.
  • Drag and drop an image to the image tag.
  • Right-Click the image tag and select "cover type/Artist" and I've now added the same image to the Artist Image Tag to multiple files.

But, I'm needing to add a separate matching image to each file... Images which are named in the Artists name.
So, I'm assuming the Action you speak of will help in this, as we seem to be speaking of? But I need to know how I can do it?
Like I posted above, all that string stuff is just gobbledygook to me, I need someone who can translate a string that would work for my case, that particular one isn't the same issue... LOL

I just tried adding "C:\Users\leeuniverse\Desktop%artist%.jpg" to the Action you stated and then of course selected Artist, but that's not working, I get this error.
(btw there IS a backward slash after Desktop, the forum just removed it)

So, as you can see, I have no idea "how" I'm to "format" that string for it to work how I need?

The error message is only half as interisting in comparison to the display of the actual filename of the picture file.
What you see from the error message: this is how a format string becomes an actual string.
Is there a file called c:\users\leeuniverse\Desktop\Alphaville.jpg?
But as you see: the action looks for differently named files - and would embed each one if it exists.

There is no use to complain about the names. Live with it.
I cannot help you any further as you do not supply the vital information:
What does the data in the field ARTIST like?
What would be the corresponding filename that you want to embed?
Are they really the same?
Is the path correct?

The answer to your questions is yes... Everything matches.
As I mentioned in my OP, all .jpg's are in the NAME of the Artist. MusicBee creates a thumb folder of every artist automatically from my music files, and the pics are in the artist's name. (so I DID in fact supply the "vital information")

So, Alphaville.jpg IS in the folder, so is every other artist for every song in question.

If the file is there, then the action would import it.
I cannot look over your shoulder, you have to find the difference yourself.
Otherwise, if you are not sure, supplying the vital information would be to post screenshots..
of the action
the target file with the full path information
the contents of referenced tag field, preferably shown in the extended tags dialogue.

  1. When I create the Action you actually "browse" for the folder, thus there is no "mistake" with the full path. Further, you can actually SEE for yourself in the Error message I posted above, what the "filepath" is, not to mention I posted the file path for you, so you DO have the info you need to judge.

  2. And again, MusicBee creates the Artist images FROM what's in my Artist Tags, so again, those also match.

I've provided and done everything you require... Everything also looks normal in Extended Tags, no double Artist tag, etc.

Look, you have got the problem, I don't.
I try to give you hints how to debug your obvioulsy errored configuration.
If you get the error message that a file cannot be accessed then you have to check why.
And this can only be done by you as I don't see what is going on on your PC.

Usual deviations are added blanks at the end or the beginning. That is what I would be looking for.

Maybe you can post a screenshot of your Desktop with all the artist images.

Those would then also be visible in the image path referenced in the error message.

I shouldn't have to do that, the error message shows their names... and I'm telling you what they are named, and how they were named.

The only thing I can think of is "Action" doesn't like some of the "naming conventions"?

For example, some artist names have (+'s, commas, ampersands, dashes, letters with the double dots, or ', etc over them)?

I'll test some images which don't have any defects to their name.

Nope, didn't work... Get the same error.
I've also tried running Mp3tag as Admin, checked the files for Read Only, etc.
Nothing should be stopping this.

But it would be nice of you, if you would :slight_smile:

See section Characters with special functionality at Help → Scripting functions.

OK, that's getting funny — nothing in this screenshot shows that this is actually


which is the whole point of me asking for a screenshot of said folder.

Ah common dude... You can SEE the "file path" in the error message, AND I posted the actual file path in my post, and the other dude "quoted" it.