anytag Total Commander plugin duration

I find that TC with the anytag content plugin treats the "duration in seconds" as a string rather than a number. If I need to show all tracks with a duration of say less than or greater than a particular length, I can't do it easily. If it was a number I could see the < and > options. Is there a way around this?


Maybe ...
See file "...\TotalCmd\Plugins\wdx_anytag\anytag.any".
Find entry "13=8|Length (in seconds)|%_length_seconds%"
Change this entry to:
"13=1|Length (in seconds)|%_length_seconds%"

No guarantee, try it on your own risk.


How did you work that out? :huh: <_<

THANKS!!!!! :smiley: :smiley:

(Florian it would be worth adding this info to the Readme.txt of the plugin)

Hmmm... :frowning: I found this solution too, but after half hour trying myself - I couldn't find this topic before; and TC's page doesn't has info about it, too.

Yes, suggestion to Florian: please include this info into anytags ReadMe.txt.

Keywords for others: Total Commander, anytag, find files: plugin, compare operations, larger, smaller, equal, treat as number.




...but in last (0.98) anytag it remains as "BAND".