Anything to fix header

For several years now I've used my media player (WMP12 currently, as I have Win7) to rip CDs I own. I used to be okay with ripping using the vague bit-rate options the player provided, but I've lately decided to begin re-ripping many of these albums in V0 VBR (which WMP doesn't do). I happened upon EAC (plus the LAME plugin), and that seemed to do the trick; however, when I'd go to play the songs in Windows Media Player, while they show up just fine, they don't allow me to skip towards near the end of the track (I'm trying to correct the playback counts). One or two things I've read from Windows' and EAC's FAQs is that it may have something to do with the VBR header, or something like that. I'm curious whether there's anything this program can do to rectify this problem. I've used it for quite some time, and would rather not have to install some additional program (assuming that's a recommendation made when I receive my response in the EAC forums).

From Microsoft, pertaining to error code C00D11B1:

Thanks for anyone who might be able to help!

MP3tag serve the tagging part of the mp3 header. all other bits can be maintained by other programs.
So you will not be able to avoid to install other programs.
I would recommend MP3diags and MP3val. Both freeware.
Use MP3diags first to see more details of the problems.
Then use MP3val and see wheter some of the problems may be solved.