Anyway to access the filename?

I want to be able to access the filename (without the file extension) within
a web source script, any way to do this?

The reason is I want to pre-append the filename to the title for TV shows.

The %_filename% variable does not seem to work in the web source script engine!

Funny, I just tried the same. I also found no way to get it work. What I tried:
outputto "filename"
outputto "_filename"
outputto "FILENAME"
outputto "_FILENAME"
all do not work.

But you can help yourself with an action group:
Include something like:
outputto "dummy filename"
in your script. After running your script, run an action group with to actions:

Format Tag Field:
String: %dummy filename%

Delete Tag Field:

Hmm, nice little work around there, thanks.

Really hoping the developers could add this little change in to an upcomming (next) release.

Hint, hint, please, beg grovel :smiley:

Well I took your hint and knocked up a little Action script that does the job for me :smiley:

Still be nice to get to the %_filename% within the web source script though :wink:

Add_Filename_to_Title.mta (111 Bytes)

Been a long while since I have been on the forum :slight_smile:

I still require the ability to access the filename type variables within a web sources
script, please any chance this could be added in, this time I want to load up
a local XML file to extract tag data from rather than collect from a true web source



Sorry to pester but really would like to know if this feature could be added, it would save me hours?

Just want to know if its on the to-do list or not :slight_smile: