APE tags puzzled at result of option combinations

Hi there,
here's a file that doesn't show tags if READ APE is enabled.
With writing APE disabled and deleting of APE enabled, I should think that after saving any APE tags are deleted. But the behavior remains the same, with APE Reading no tags are displayed.
I thought this was something about prioritization, but if there are no APE tags at all and still there are no other existent tags displayed, then this means that activation of reading APE deactivates ID3 altogether and the checkboxes for those have no function besides confusing the user.

I think I ran into this confusion before and posted somewhere in the forum, but my user management show no previous posts of mine at all.
So I am asking here for clarification once more. Thanks.

Did you check with "View > Extended Tags" if there are no values in the APE tag?

To remove a complete tag format you need "File > Remove tag" (Strg+R)
It removes all tag formats that are selected in the Options at "Remove"

To find your posts click on "Options > Find member's posts"