APIC picture type


i'm new to mp3tag and trying to export cover art.
I would like to have a different filename for front cover and back cover.
Actually it exports to something.jpg and something.jpg.jpg
Inside MP3tag i could rightclick the cover and define the picture type,
but how could be the picture type from APIC used to create the export action filename.



But %picture_type% doesn't exists. Is there a macro/name for this?
It doesn't matter if the hex-byte or the text is used.

Read the Mp3tag Help Manual.
Find the list of technical information pseudo tag-fields and see what pseudo tag-field can be useful for you.


I was able to found the page technical info mp3tag
but the value of the %_cover_type% always contains the text for the first cover. Therefore using this action:


the created filenames are similiar like before:

something_Front Cover.jpg
something_Front Cover.jpg.jpg // instead would like to have something_Back Cover.jpg

Does a tag value exists to achive this?
Have I missed something how to use actions?
Or is the APIC picture_type value just not reachable for each cover?