Apostrophe after doing convert> list file tag

this happens to me when I import a column from the csv file (Convert>List file tag) where there are titles with the apostrophe:

in csv:
Don't go breaking my heart (album version)
Don't let me be misunderstood (dj movement rmx)
Don't stop (don't stop mix)
Flying high (god's groove remix)
I can't wait (radio edit)
'Don''t go breaking my heart (album version)'
'Don''t let me be misunderstood (dj movement rmx)'
'Don''t stop (don''t stop mix)'
'Flying high (god''s groove remix)'
'I can''t wait (radio edit)'

Why? and How to do ?

Second question:
I import a column from csv regularly without errors.
How to do it for multiple columns?
I give in command string for example
% comment %% artist %% albumartist%
but it gives me mistakes.


The field names do not have a blank following the %.
So it should be
Also, you would have to enter the separator between the fields.
In a CSV this would be a comma, a semicolon, a tab, one of these.

In respect to your first problem: please show us which parameters you use to import the data.