Append multiple %artist% fields to end of %title%


I have a bunch of tracks that use multiple %artist% fields. Although this is the recommended format for FLAC tagging I would like to change it up a little and send all %artist% fields to the end of %title%, like so:

Track Title (ft. Artist 1, Artist 2, Artist 3)

Is this a possibility?

Many thanks

Converter Tag->Tag
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %track% %title% (ft. $meta(artist))


Action "Format Value":
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %track% %title% (ft. $meta(artist))

Are you sure you really mean the title and not the filename?


Thank you, that worked!

Is there any way to reverse this should I want to in the future?

Title field looks like so:

TITLE (ft. Artist1, Artist2, Artist3)

Is it possible to send these back to multiple %artist% fields?

Many thanks.

As long as you don't delete the artist-tags they are still there. Restoring them, if you deleted them may become more difficult, especially because there is no unique delimiter between them in the title-tag. A comma as delimiter is not unique, because there maybe a comma within the name of the artist-name too. (i.e. "Blood, Sweat & Tears").
So why not just keep the information in the artist tags, too? Are there any unwanted side-effects with this?

I'm actually going through the process of adding featuring artists to everything, until now I have only had a few albums with multiple artist fields and the rest without featured artists at all.

Maybe there's a way to send artists within the TITLE (ft. Artist1, Artist2, Artist3) to the Artist field, then I can replace the ", " between each artist with a double \ this separates artists and creates a new field for each.

I just don't know how to send the artists within the brackets to the artist field.

I do not really understand your intention.
Usually a song has a main-artist and there may still be some guest performers that could be described as featuring artists.
But in your initial question you did not differentiate between these and wanted to add all the artists to the title as "Ft. Artists".
Now it shall be the other way round and I now assume that you do not mean a reversal but generally want to know how to get such a tagging in another tag field and possibly in addition transform it to a multivalue field.

How to proceed depends essentially on how the tag-content is written in the tag-field, for example how the individual performers in the title are separated from each other and whether this separation is uinique in each case.

Here's an example:
Title: I Love You (Ft. Peter Parker, Paul Panther)
Artist: Rolling Stones

You can define an action group with 2 actions.

1st action:
Type: Guess Value
Source Format:%title%
Guessing Pattern:%dummy% (Ft. %feat_artist%)

" (Feat. " is the separator for the guessing pattern.

2nd action:
Type: Format Value
Field: %artist%
Format String: %artist%\\$replace(%feat_artist%,', ',\\)

If you want, you can include a 3rd action that deletes the custom tag field (FEAT_ARTIST). (Type: Remove fields).

As you can see, this only would work if in all cases the comma is a unique separate-character.
If for instance one of the feat. artists would be "Peter, Paul and Mary%, the comma is no longer unique as a separator.

Thank you for your reply @poster

A large portion of my library had featured artists removed, this was because I didn't like having the featured artists listed in the track title. I have long had the intention of adding the featuring artists manually, in the artist fields but as my music collection grew, it's become a huge task.

With some of my music, I started adding featured artists to the artist field, using the ALBUMARTIST tag for the "main" artist and the ARTIST field for the featuring artist.

I tried to send featuring artists to the artist field, and then replace the comma separators with \\ but for some reason this didn't put each artist in it's own field, but listed all artists in 1 field with \\ between them.

The reason for all this is, I am currently using a script to fix the case of all my music, and whilst doing so I am double-checking data and adding featuring artists. I'm not completely settled on which way to go with featuring artists, but I'd like options in case I want to change in the future.

Thank you! Your method appears to be working great. Can you please provide me with a way to remove the featuring text in the TITLE field?

Many thanks!

Ghetto Dreams (ft. Scarface, John Legend)

You can do this with a similar action with which you filled the artist-tag. But in this forum you will find many more different actions for this task.

Type: Guess Values
Source Format:%title%
Guessing Pattern:%title% (ft. %dummy%

"( ft. %dummy%" means, that you send all content behind the separator " (ft. " to the nirvana.

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Thank you once again @poster

I am slowly making my way through my library, 640GB done, 1.5TB remaining... most of which is Classical so it is going to take a while!