Appending Files To The File View

As of the current build, 2.83, the only way to add files to the file view (opened from either a playlist or as a new file) is to add an entire folder/directory. Please consider a new feature that would allow individual files, or groups of files, FROM WITHIN A FOLDER/DIRECTORY, to be added to the file view. In this way, selected files could be added from multiple folders/directories without adding the entire contents of folders/directories.

The feature has been there for a long time. Select the additional files you want, right-click to Mp3Tag and hold down the CTRL-key while clicking to add the files.

Are you doing this from WITHIN Mp3tag? If so, I can't see any way to open a folder for such individual file selection without adding the entire folder to the file menu. Or are you doing it OUTSIDE of Mp3tag with a link in the Windows context menu, which I don't have (don't want clutter in the context menu).

Yes, you can only add complete folders (and their subfolders) from within MP3tag.
But this is the case for any file selection.
You could not select an individual file, you had to resort to an outside source like the Windows Explorer or iTunes or a playlist.
Anyway: the secret lies in the Ctrl-key that is being pressed while you drag&drop files in the files list. There is no need to add any function to the Windows Explorer context menu (shell extension), simply ctrl-d&d.
This is actually fairly powerful: you can select individual files and several folders in one go (if they are part of the current WE list).

Yes! Thank you.

It's the D&D that is the operative aspect.

Might be a good idea for the author to add the D&D capability to the "Help" file.